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You can't get the key from the little guy until later on. 

Get the spell book before going anywhere else. 

When in the first hallway, don't attemp to go into the first 
left door. Go upstairs first. 

Get the bottle that says "No-Ghost" in the closet. 

Using this can get you past the ghost. 

If you still got ripped apart, try opening the bottle, then 
using it. 

To kill the spider, use the bottle of spider killer. Don't 
have it? Go back to the closet where you got the bottle of 
"No-Ghost." The spider killer is right next to it. 

Keep any flowers you find. 

Get a knife in the kitchen. Remember to get a sharp one 

Get the box of matches when in the pantry. 

Can't get a certain book because of a ghost? Try scaring 

Use the spider you killed. 
Take the cards in the desk. 
Take the cage. 

Read the book in the bedroom. 

No, the key isn't in the wheelchair. Try looking inside 
some of the chairs in the first room. Use your knife. 

Now, open up the closet. 

If you can't open the box in the closet, then you need the 

Get the bottle of mercury. 

Read the scroll in the other bedroom. 

This is a listing of spells. 

To get the guns in the game room, use the key you found in 
the chair. 

Get the axe. 

Don't go enter the cell in the attic. 
Water some plants. 

Use a spell to lightning and thunder to get passed the dogs 
in front of the chapel. 

Make maps in the maze room. 

Use the amulet on the zombie. 

Don't have the amulet? Look in the mailbox in the front of 
the house. 

When you find a grave, put some flowers on it. 
Use the master key to open the cage. 
Now, trap an animal. 

Use this animal as a lure for another bigger one. 
Give the demon some food. 

No, not the food in the dining room, the food in the 
greenhouse. Use the plant you grew, not a dead one. 

Gold, Silver, and Mercury will combine to make a key. 

The cookie is very strong; use the axe to break it. 

Melt the ice with magic. 

No, not a spell. Try using the star. 

Kill the evil genius before he can get to you. 

To get out of the caverns, you need the key from the little 
Give him the cookie. 
Float to the light fixture. 

Once you found your brother, hit him. That will wake him. 
You'll run into a demon. Kill it with the cross.